AfroDaddy Reviews the BeSafe iZi Modular car seat


Many of you will remember AfroDaddy from our #CarseatFullstop team. He made this awesome video calling people stupid and followed it up with these four truths all dads need to hear. When his littlest son, Eli, outgrew his infant seat, the incredible folks over at Born Fabulous secured a top of the range BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size car seat for him in support of #CarseatFullstop.

AfroDaddy reviews the BeSafe iZi Modular car seat

afrodaddy and eli

“Please do it now. And get Liam to help you”

Great. As if the task wasn’t going to be difficult and complicated enough, I had to have Liam as a co-worker. He was a hot-head who would just blurt out whatever he was thinking. He was totally emotional and over the top. Add to that the fact that he had zero experience in what we were about to do… He barely had the strength to help me bring the piece of equipment outside!

Liam also happened to be a 2 year old. So you can’t really blame him for any of that.

The person who told me to involve him was his mother, and my wife. The task… install the brand new BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size Car Seat.

So now I, the stereotypical male who is resistant to all things resembling an instruction manual, had to properly install this impressive car seat with my 2 year old “helping”.

I knew what that meant… “What are you doing Daddy?” “What’s that, Daddy?” Considering the size of the box, this was going to be a long and frustrating afternoon.

I hoisted the box outside, took the seat out, and went straight to the booklet… I wasn’t going to let any male pride make this worse… And I was surprised. It took one brief, 2 minute read-through and I knew what I had to do.

“Right, Liam. Are you ready to do this?”

“Yes, daddy!”

“Are you sure?”


“Give me a high five and let’s do this!”

5 minutes (and an epic high five) later, it was done. I wasn’t so amazed by how quickly I managed to do it. I was amazed by the fact that I was completely confident I had done everything RIGHT. The base was installed and the seat was ready to go for it’s first flight.

All we needed now was the pilot. It wasn’t Liam. He knew whom we were doing this for: his little brother. He just loved being involved with keeping his brother safe.

“Liam, go call your mom and Eli and let’s take this bad boy for a spin!”

He ran inside. “Mom! Moooooommmmm!”

While he was gone, I pulled the ultimate dad move… I shook that car seat for all it’s worth. It was solid. Solid enough for me to entrust my youngest to it’s embrace.

It had one last test to pass, however… The rest of the family joined me at the car. 16-month-old Eli eyed the new addition intensely. We loosened the harness, and slid him into the seat. (The harness is held out of the way while you settle your kid! Like magic, except magnets. Best invention EVER!)

We held our breaths. Eli is a baby who immediately knows if he likes something… and once he knows, he’ll rarely change his mind. If this first test didn’t go well? We were, if you’ll excuse the phrase, totally screwed.

He wriggled for a moment. And then he giggled. The iZi Modular was going to stay. Unsurprising really, because it is specially designed to be the most comfortable place for a little human to be.

Other than the facts that it is ridiculously easy to install and Eli likes it… Here are a few other things that make the BeSafe Izi Modular car seat a winner…

  • This is a good looking seat! Astronauts would be proud to have their kids seen in it!
  • There are signals when there’s an error with the installation. So if certain red spots don’t go green, or you hear some bleeping… you know you’ve gone wrong somewhere. This means that you can have the utmost confidence that the seat will stay where it is supposed to.
  • It is both a rear-facing and forward-facing seat. We want to keep our boys facing backward as long as possible, it is after all so much safer! But when the time comes to turn them around, this car seat will be up to the task. So it’s an investment that will last for many more years… until Boy 2.0 is 105cm tall, when he’s about 4.
  • All BeSafe seats are top of their class on safety by all the right international external testing. ADAC in Germany performs the tests. They developed the most modern criteria for crash testing children’s car seats in Europe. They adapt their tests to today’s car standards and traffic. International studies of traffic injuries form the basis for ADAC’s crash tests.
  • The BeSafe iZi Modular i-Size got top safety results in crash tests and it meets the super strict R129 side impact criteria. It is award winning… seriously… look at all the awards!!

iZi Modular

These BeSafe folks really know their business, which is why I feel 100% confident in trusting them with Boy 2.0.

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#BeSafe is showing their support for #CarseatFullstop by making them a retailer of their car seats! This means that by simply purchasing your child the safest seat they can be in, you are helping to keep #CarseatFullstop up and running, because all profits from the sales we make go directly to keeping us afloat!

If you would like to support #CarseatFullstop and get your little human a brand new top quality car seat, please join us on BeSafe with #CarsatFullstop.

*Please note that this group is exclusively for those purchasing or winning BeSafe seats through #CarseatFullstop. We have a Facebook page and Facebook group for those who want to follow and engage with the campaign.




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